WeaningTitration Hell

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11:39 | William Lawman
Zoloft and xanax at the same time
WeaningTitration Hell

I started Zoloft 25mg 5-18-15 today is 5-21-14 do you know if it's safe to just cut the tablets in half and wean off that way? So instead of taking one Zoloft 25mg a day. I cut the tablet and take half per day...but for how many days I wonder. Do you have any idea? I don't want to get in too deep with this Zoloft. By the time my Dr. gets back from vacation it will be two weeks. big sighs.

Be well USAngel #notfrustratedtoday.

PS That was a lot of mg of Xanax you were taking. I could not imagine myself trying to come off of such a high dose... Thanks for listening USAngel.

Patients take these drugs/medications for various reasons and they may help some and some not so much. I am one who just got tired of "needing" to take Tramadol x2 a day just to feel like a normal functioning human. I was having withdrawal symptoms little anxious and sweating from the Tramadol.

I noticed I felt better when I took a Xanax 5mg. I told my doctor that. In return my doctor prescribed me Zoloft 25mg (sertraline) during my wean/Titration off of Tramadol. I told him I did not want to take anymore medication that my body would Depend on. He assured me the low dose of Zoloft/Sertraline 25mg would not. I have my doubts deep down inside.

I would start the discussion with the doctor with this: The Xanax was working, the Zoloft is not.

I am not sure what the symtoms are for serotonin imbalance or defiency. I was getting anxiety attacks.

I did a counsel with the pharmacist about Zoloft and she told me I would have side effects and that they could last for 2 weeks. That Zoloft would start working in 4 weeks? hmm, funny my Dr. didn't l me that. I'm thinking 4 more long weeks. I did not want to "Start" another medication I'll have to WEAN off of... WTH? I wonder does my Dr. even know? this is the 2nd time he ls me this about medication....deep breath.

You are right thebird55 Xanax 0.5mg not 5mg. Thanks for correcting that typo. I woke up this morning with a slight pressure on my head and temples. It does not hurt like a headache right now. It is just annoying. I took a Xanax 0.5mg this morning so I wouldn't have to put up with feeling the withdrawal symptoms and 20-30min later that sensation went away. (now, I know what is causing that).

My body would let me know it was time to take a pill. I felt I didn't need to take it anymore because it wasn't helping with my back pain that much. I was still in some pain. I still had to use ice, so I told Dr. S I wanted to wean/titrate off.

Update Sat. 5-23-15 Woke up with no pressure on the top of my head. I don't feel nauseated or foggy minded. I didn't sleep sound last night (nothing new since this hell started) so I woke up late at 7:45am. I did not take my 0.5mg of Xanax at 7am (as scheduled).

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It doesn't matter what he says. I want off the Zoloft and I start my wean tomorrow.

*Maybe my agony can help someone else going through this someday. Just to know you are not alone going through this is little comfort in itself.

I feel like I'm on this Weaning Wheel and want off this ride of feeling sick. I just went through 7 weeks of feeling ill weaning off Tramadol and now more meds to wean?

You’re not alone, reach out to thousands of patients.

Then my doctor throws a wrench in my plans (weaning off Xanax) and gives me Zoloft. He told me taking a anti-depression medication would help. Maybe I did not communicate the proper words to him when I wasn't thinking clear?. May 18, 2015 is when I called in and asked for a refill of Xanax. I told him I was having episodes of panic attacks or anxiety whichever one makes your heart beat out of your chest and you feel extra nervous, sweating, and anxious, scared with thoughts running through your mind heart attack, stroke? ( I'm not sure what the terminology is). I told Dr. S I was awakened from my sleep with those symptoms. Basically, I was updating him on how I was doing with my wean from Tramadol and I mentioned that. All I wanted was a refill for Xanax 0.5mg so I could start my wean in a couple of weeks.

May 18, 2015 I called my doctor and asked him to ok my refill of Xanax. Thats all I wanted. He asked how I was doing on my wean from Tramadol. I answered that I was being awakened by panic attacks. The Xanax 0.5mg took care of it.

I am starting to research all my options. That is why I came to this forum. No one else understands what I may be going through but some of you may who have lived it, living it, so you all would have a better idea.

I'm guessing that the panic/anxiety is the result of a temporary serotonin deficiency, due to the reduction of Zoloft. If so, this is about what you should expect.

If by the end of all the Weaning of various medications. Should I need an antidepressent medication. It will NOT be Zoloft. That's a promise.

Tramadol, Xanax Zoloft 25mg (sertraline) are NO medication drugs to mess with. Your body will be dependent on them and the withdrawals are horrendous. I hope you know the pros and cons before you start these medications and the side effects are REAL. USAngel.

So now it seems like I will be weaning off of two more drugs that were suppose to help me wean off one (Tramadol) what a rollercoaster ride of illness. Sleepless nights, feeling strange, weak, nauseated all damn day. Unable to really focus. I don't feel 'sharp' in my mind. All this weaning off of one drug and taking more drugs has made me very cloudy and dull. I can't wait for it to be over. I want my health back. My strength, My happy optimistic self.

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By the way, your doctor is going to bring up the idea that the side effects will go away as you adjust to the drug. But if you were not suffering from a serotonin imbalance or defiency before all this started, you don't need this drug. SSRI's are way over-prescribed, and treatment with them is more art than science.

At only 3 days, don't worry too much about tapering. The fact that you are still experiencing those side effects means that your system hasn't had time to make any real adjustment to the drug. You could just quit, but if you're really worried about it, take a half for 2 or 3 days.

I "have to" feel my best by the end of next week. I'm starting a new job as a Facilities Manager and I have to have a clear mind and feel strong for this. This is the second chapter of this book. The first one was Weaning Tramadol Hell.

My Dr. prescribed me Pramipexole (Mirapex), Clonidine and Xanax for the withdrawal symptoms. I am compley weaned off Tramadol (7 weeks later) a couple of days ago. However, I am still feeling nauseated, over all sick like feeling.

After taking the 5mg Xanax I had enough energy to go to 3 different stores for her gift, flowers, and balloon. I could not make it to one more store to buy her favorite cake. I just had zapped all my energy resources. To my surprise, she came home with her favorite "traditional" burnt almond cake and our favorite pizza. She does understand that I am not myself. She knows I cannot do much right now. She understands and it makes me push myself even harder just to make her day special. My poor wife had to buy her own birthday cake and was ok with that. Do you know how guilty that makes me feel? Yes, she understands and it's plain to see I am sick. But I still feel bad about it. She's one special lady.

Dr. S assured me I would not have any withdrawals from Zoloft. Now, I have heard that name Zoloft before and I know it is a hard core medication/drug. I wasn't sure what it's prescribed for but that is a name I respect.

This is when he decided to prescribe me the Zoloft 25mg and I went down hill. My plan to wean off of Xanax was trumped.

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In the beginning Nov. 2013 Dr.S told me that Tramadol was on the lower spectrum of Opiods and it was non addicting as Norco's or Vicodin would be. Oh yeah? I respectfully have to disagree.

I took the Xanax 45 minutes late 7:45am. 8am I took 1/2 of (25mg) Zoloft. (My new scheduled Wean from Zoloft) I did notice I woke up with my heart pounding felt like the begining of a anxiety attact. My tongue is white so I scrubed it down. I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day. Maybe it's a withdrawal symtom from one of the various medications?

Third will be Weaning Xanax for good. Low dose 0.5mg x3 per day may not be much for some, but it is for my system. I know my body is dependent on Xanax after 7 weeks of use.

I am really concerned what withdrawal side effects I will get from Zoloft when I wean off of it. If it makes me feel this lousy now just starting this new drug to me. How will it make me feel later? I'm not a Dr. so I don't understand the Real benefits from taking the Zoloft after I just finished weaning off Tramadol a couple days ago. Today is 5-20-15 this does not make sense to me. The Xanax was fine.

Tramadol is also an SSRI, just like Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, etc. Many health care providers are unaware of this. Check out the Wikipedia entry.

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I feel better sitting on my lazyboy chair with my two pups next to me, curtains drawn, listening to easy music. Maybe less movement to my head? I don't know? I still get tired easy, but I don't feel "Exhausted" like I did on my wifes bday May 20. That was a real bad experience for me.

I want to Thank you for reading my rants and worries. I appreciate you taking the time out to answer me. I really do. Angel from the US.

Feels like my blood pressure is elevated. It's been two hours and pulse is still up while sitting this is annoying to me. I'm not sure what is causing it. Could it be my body reacting to the 1/2 dose of Zoloft?. No diarrhea this morning. My stools seem to be darker. I don't have that "numb" feeling in my head or mouth. My appetite is coming back.

I started taking Sertraline May 18, 2015 (this is my third day). I took Sertraline 25mg the first night. The next morning I felt strange. I felt slightly disconnected from my body. It felt like I was standing behind my head looking out of my eyes. I can't explain that strange feeling. But I was not myself. I know it is the Sertraline. I started to wonder what the hell I was doing taking a drug that made me feel like that. When I was trying to get off another one.

My frustration comes from lack of experience regarding these drugs. I just want to be Free from all medications. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to be myself again.

I do not feel myself. I do not feel like celebrating her milestone 40th birthday. I usually make a big deal for her. I do not have a lot of strength. I feel exhausted and nauseated over all sick, weak and the top of my head feels hot and slightly aches with pressure. That feeling circles to both my temples. But I feel guilty. I do not want to be a "kill joy" not on her special day.

Third day on Sertraline. It's my wife's birthday May 20, 2015 I can't afford to feel weird on her special day. I didn't feel that disconnected feeling this a.m. but I did not feel myself either. It felt like I had a very minor pressure headache. (Note: I do not suffer from headaches) so I take the Sertraline 25mg and take a shower and got myself ready. I did not let her know how awful I was feeling but I am sure she has an idea. I tried to act normal and engaged in normal chatter but it was difficult for me. That takes energy. I took my wife for a birthday breakfast prior to her going to work it's our tradition.

I wonder if it is too late to stop taking Zoloft? (Day 4) or should I even. And if so how? Can I just stop? If I do what are the side effects of that? or would there be any?

I managed to make it through the breakfast and all I could selfishly think about is how nice it would feel to sit in my lazy boy chair.

I am feeling better today than I did all week. I still have that foggy feeling. loose bowels all day long and my appetite is down. I have no more desires for ice cream and sweets. I was major craving during my Tramadol wean. It was ridiculous. But at least I don't feel disconnected from body & soul. That was really weird.

I was weaning off of Tramadol 50mg x2 a day after being on it since Nov.2013 (car accident damage spine more). Today is May 20, 2015.

... natural balance * can * take.

This is day 4 of miserable Zoloft. To be fair (now that I know) Zoloft was not responsible for the pressure on top of my head and temples Xanax was. Zoloft is responsible for all day daily diarrhea, feeling strange, cloudy, not focused, nauseated all day, no desire to eat, forgetfulness, memory, and a deep sensation in, on or around my brain that does not feel good. I can't describe it. Not fun though. Probably has to do with chemicals and neuro transmitters rearranging, not connecting, re-connecting in my brain? I don't know. Feeling like a human lab rat/walking pharmacy.

I could not shake the pressure on the head feeling. I remembered I did not take my 5mg Xanax pill. 20 minutes later, I feel better. I had just enough energy to buy her a little something, a balloon, and some flowers. A sales man asked me how I was doing as I passed him. I told them not too good. I cannot remember the last time I had ever responded with those words. It is usually "Wonderful". But it was the truth.

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5/22/15 Woke up not feeling as sick. I can feel something is not right with my brain. Fills like a mild pressure. Like a cap on top of my head if you will. Today I started the wean off of Zoloft 1/2 tab today. First I started out 7:00am I took a Xanax 0.5mg then I took it at 8am usual time. 7:00am. I could feel the difference. My brain didn't like it the lower dose. So I went back to feeling nauseated and frustrated. Comtemplating on whether I should the other damn 1/2 of the 25mg of Zoloft just so it would go away. Mind you I have already been going through hell for 7week withdrawal from Tramadol...I didn't give in. I almost did. I took some Pepto Bismo for to ease my nausea. Splashed some cold water on my face and relaxed. I felt better within one hour. I was so proud of myself. I know now I've made it through my first day and tomorrow I should feel a little better. I find that if I take the Xanax 0.5 prior to the Zoloft it makes a difference for me. My system is sensitive to the Zoloft 25mg at this low dose (so they say). It doesn't feel low to me. It felt like I slowly poisoned myself all week. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.

The feeling you describe on Zoloft is typical of the drug. Under normal circumstances, I always recommend against dabbling in the manipulation of serotonin levels. However, when weaning off tramadol it can be a very good option. Coming off of Zoloft can cause some depressed moods, but is not usually too hard to get through. Some people don't even notice any change at all. Personally, I believe the alprazolam (Xanax) option is best. (By the way, that's. 5 mg, not 5 mg.) If done with care and caution, stopping it is not a problem. I was on 1 mg x 6 @ day for over two years (2 mg @ day more than the maximum RD). Not exactly "care and caution", yet I didn't have any real problems quitting (although I did miss it).

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I've been frustrated because I was starting to feel better from the Tramadol wean. Because that was HELL comming off that crap. Then have to enter another hell of being sick. I had just went through 7 weeks of that.

I ate but I was not hungry. I ordered water instead of coffee or soda. I did not want to chance drinking coffee and getting anxious. For the record, I never have water with any of my meals. This was weird. I was feeling a little nauseated from the Sertraline/Zoloft 25mg.

I created a Medication Log Chart according to the instructions on my med bottles for the duration of my wean/titration from Tramadol. My next Log I created was weaning off Xanax 0.5mg I was taking x3 per day. I have only been taking this drug a short time but my body/brain has become dependent on it. It helps a great deal with the panic attacks I was getting from weaning off Tramadol. However, I can l how lousy I begin to feel when I missed a dose, and felt normal with it. That's how I know I couldn't just stop taking Xanax 0.5mg x3 even at such a low dose.

Tired of feeling med sick.

I do agree that Zoloft is a mistake. I will be talking to him but he's going on vacation for the Memorial Day holiday coming up. He is a general hospital insurance members only doctor. Very Cookie cutter he has no say on which meds. I suppose they use a list and try it.

Xanax is usually given during tramadol withdrawal to protect against seizures, caused by opioid withdrawal. But after that aspect is beaten, it can still be useful while your serotonin comes back into balance. The effects you ascribe to Xanax withdrawal may actually be due to it not being there to fight the SSRI withdrawal. It is really hard to l.

I don't like to criticize specific doctors, but yours sounds like he's buying what the pharm reps are selling. He probably has no idea that tramadol has SSRI characteristics, and is also very addictive. It was first introduced as a safe(er) alternative to opiates (and highly touted by the reps), but has since proven otherwise (but the reps fail to mention that now). Don't underestimate how long the effects of tramadol can last. Remember, you are coming off both the opioid and SSRI effects. You may have successfully beaten one, but still be fighting the other. This is why I say that using a SSRI can sometimes help some people. It can let them deal with the opioid effects first, then get their serotonin back in a natural balance. But then there is that weeks long overlap to deal with. Getting that right is all guesswork.

One way or another I'm determined to get off this hamster Weaning Wheel.

Weaning off Tramadol. Scared to be dependent on any other meds. Looks like I will be weaning off Zoloft & Xanax in the near future.

I will be looking into how to restore serotonin levels naturally and chemically should I find myself in that situation.

Getting serotonin levels back to a natural balance and take a very long time. For this reason, I believe you should have stayed on the road you were on to begin with. Since the Xanax was (for the most part) working, I feel that switching to Zoloft was a mistake. If you caome to the same conclusion, just l your doctor that it isn't agreeing with you, and you would rather not take it. Remember this:

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I don't think the withdrawal symtoms are coming from the Tramadol anymore. I think my withdrawal symptoms are coming from being on Xanax 0.5mg for 7 weeks (during my wean from Tramadol) and mixed in there the Zoloft 25mg is probably playing a big part in it too.

Question: I am not sure what you meant by:, "I always recommend against dabbling in the manipulation of serotonin levels". but it doesn't sound good.

Zoloft and xanax at the same time